Highlights (to date):
* First published (Jun07) 
* Published for Indian sub-continent (May08)
* Lithuanian version published (Jan09)
* Vietnamese version published (May09)
* Russian version published (Jun09)
* Second edition published (Aug11)
* Chinese version published (Jan12)
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Smarter Selling
(ISBN 978-0-273-75044-4)
Published by Financial Times Prentice Hall

New and updated 2nd Edition
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"It’s probably the ‘how’ contained in Smarter Selling that makes the deepest impression. Any book can theorize on the ‘what’, but here we see the authors going one better to explain steps that bring it all together, using contemporary examples from around the world." 

Nic Read, best-selling author of Selling to the C-Suite

  "The tools covered in Smarter Selling will help any sales person who is wanting to make the shift from a traditional to a consultative approach and ultimately towards becoming a trusted advisor."

H. Green, best-selling co-author of The Trusted Advisor

"Dugdale and Lambert have written a thoughtful, practical book that everyone learning how to sell complex services should read and which experienced sellers should read as a refresher and enhancer of their skills." 

Ford Harding, best-selling author of Rain Making

  "Success in the consultative sale is all about creating customer value from every meeting, but few salespeople know how to do this.  Smarter Selling has many useful and practical ideas to help salespeople improve their value-creating capabilities."

Neil Rackham, best-selling author of SPIN Selling

Comments from readers:


"After spending over twenty years building a consulting business in an industry renowned for its 'sales focus' (recruitment) this book has given credence to our approach of building a long term relationship with clients (yes they do take time to build)

This book has provided us with valuable new information on how to be more relevant and establish trust from the first meeting.  This is a much needed resource that will provide anyone with the ability to take the formative steps on the journey of building trusted advisor relationships in a world filled with fast contacts and measured by the number of 'friends' you have in cyberspace.

Well done. We are also passing your secret on to our clients."

"I recently purchased a copy of Smarter Selling whilst waiting at Waterloo Railway Station, and it has proved to be the best inspiration I have had for many years!"

"The content of your book "Smarter Selling" was very consistent with the feedback we received in our major customer research. We want to move away from "servicing" and "selling" to demonstrating to our customers that we value them by dedicating time to understand their business and as a result developing solutions that are very relevant."

"I have devoured ¾ of your book as I write this early on Sunday morning.  All I can say is that in my opinion this is one of the most important, significant and timely bundles of knowledge in the public domain."

"I picked up your book whilst I was in the US last week and read it cover to cover on the flight back.  Every single page resonates with me!"

"If you read SPIN Selling, you should read Smarter Selling. This book completes the jigsaw of buyer influences through addressing the emotional and psychological aspects of the sales process."

"I ordered the book direct from the UK and it arrived last week.  It's a great read and I can already see where I need to change."

"This book provides a logical framework for approaching conversations with clients and buyers - especially for those who want to make a difference and set themselves apart from their competitors. It really emphasises the difference that a true partner relationship makes, and then shows how to build one.
Highly recommended".

"Over the last two years, Keith Dugdale and his book Smarter Selling have been helping to transform the sales culture of our organisation. Not an easy feat given we have nearly 5,000 staff in Australia and New Zealand!

We've found that about 90% of our staff needs tools and techniques to help them to confidently sell - and Smarter Selling gives them these tools. Terms like 'CC Note' 'I We U', 'value sheet', and even 'marshmallow' are now part of our organisation's language, and it has been really satisfying to hear the success stories of our staff when they have put these tools into action and found that "they really do work!

Adopting the Smarter Selling philosophy will require you to totally shift the way you think about sales. But the rewards - trusted client relationships that help you to win work - are worth the challenge."

"I read the first edition of this book four years ago, and have been following the advice ever since, with great success.

This second edition, endorsed by the hugely-influential Charles Green (The Trusted Advisor) and Neil Rackham (SPIN selling) has been updated, and is an even more relevant package than the first.

What I really like about this book is that it clearly outlines some simple behavioral tools that can easily and usefully be implemented in all business relationships -- whether with colleagues and other stakeholders in your own organization, or with external clients.

It even shows you how to repair damaged relationships!

Perhaps the most important lesson I've learned from Smarter Selling is the importance of the "trusted advisor" mindset. There are several other books that describe this mindset in intellectual terms, but this book offers practical techniques to ensure you really live it and genuinely feel it.

This book is for anybody who needs to have more effective, collaborative relationships at work, or who needs to turn customers into loyal clients ... and wants to enjoy the process."

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